A Case For A Low Carb Lifestyle

Dr. Colin E. Champ is a radiation oncologist and assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he helps run the Department of Integrative Oncology. He is board certified in radiation oncology and integrative medicine and extensively researches and writes about cancer treatment, low carb diet, nutrition and exercise. He has been invited to lecture on the topic around the world. His work has been featured in the Boston Globe, the Gupta Guide with Sanjay Gupta, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology newsletter among others.

Colin E. Champ, M.D.

A Case For A Low Carb High Fat Diet

His book is a must read for anyone concerned that a low-carb high-fat diet may not be a healthy choice. Dr. Champ writes that fat does, in fact, possess many health benefits. Cholesterol and saturated fats are required for hormone production, and the cells of the body are lined with fat as a protective barrier. Additionally, he states that many fatty foods have high nutrient densities and contain fat-soluble vitamins and elements that are vital for health. Dr. Champ explains how certain types of fats and foods may potentially fight cancer, the addictive nature of carbohydrates, and the non-nutrient and anti-nutrient impact of grains. He stresses nutrients in food versus pills and how we do need exercise to stop osteoporosis and reduce insulin levels.

Dr. Champ cites numerous studies throughout his book; we found substantive authority from these and also convincing arguments for maintaining a low-carb high-fat lifestyle. In one study of diets it was found that the more carbohydrates one ate, the more the body’s metabolism slowed down, which actually reduced fat burning. In another study the determination was made that raising insulin levels, alone, resulted in obesity, since the body responds to sugar/carb onslaughts by secreting insulin, which lowers blood sugar levels, and also stimulates fat storage. When insulin is not present, the body burns fat rather than sugar to generate cellular energy.

To deal with her CFRD, Joanie has been encouraged that our new low-carb lifestyle is helping her control her “numbers.” Her most recent A1C test showed a continuing decline from 6.7 to 6.2 to 5.9. For a diabetic, that is dramatic. Also, she found a significant increase in her HDL (good cholesterol) since adopting a low-carb diet. Her goal is to avoid the “spikes” and to avoid having to take insulin. This is happening with low-carb eating.

Not only have I experienced a 43 pound weight loss in less than a year, but I found that my HDL cholesterol increased by 25% and I am now in the healthy range for the first time in the last 15 years. I am not diabetic, although I do have a family history. but our low-carb lifestyle resulted in a drop in my A1C from 5.7 to 5.1. Continuing with low carb can help me fend off diabetes, help Joanie avoid insulin, and we can both stay healthy and happy, for life! We expect to continue these results and believe that you can, also.

Basic Health Principles

Dr. Champ provides some basic principles to avoid misguided recommendations and stay healthy. The ones quoted below and more can be found on his web-site “The Cave Man Doctor.”

“To follow what our body is meant to process, we do not do a couple things that conventional wisdom clings to:

  • We don’t “fear the fat” as humans have been eating it for millions of years.
  • Instead, we “curb the carbs”, as excessive amounts are largely to blame for the obesity epidemic of our nation and the addictive eating behaviors that have run rampant.
  • We ignore the food pyramid and plate, and we do not base our diet on carbohydrates. We especially avoid grains, as we have only been eating them in our diet for around 6-10,000 years.
  • We still consume carbohydrates, but increase or decrease carbs based on desired fat loss, as we have personally and professionally watched the level of carbohydrate intake correlate with excess body fat.
  • We avoid sugar, a food that is poisonous to our body, and instead focus on leafy greens, colorful vegetables, berries, and sweet potatoes.
  • We fully acknowledge that sugar and some carbohydrates such as grains are extremely addictive and only those with the highest amount of willpower are able to eat such foods in moderation.
  • We are not these people and as a result, we admit defeat and rarely eat these foods, if ever. Not coincidentally, these same foods are very detrimental to our health . . . “

Our Recommendation

My son provided us with a copy of Dr. Champ’s book and Joanie and I found it not only illuminating, but also easy to read. Dr. Champ cuts through a lot of the medical jargon to present a logical case that everyone can follow. Whether you are a “foodie” or taking it to the next level and are adopting a low-carb lifestyle, his book, entitled “Misguided Medicine,” is informative and compelling. The highlighted link will take you to Amazon where this amazing book can be purchased.

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