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One of the features we love about our blog is our recipe template. This plugin is provided by “WP Recipe Maker.” They are a super developer – responsive and creative! They offer so much flexibility within their plugin that we have been able to customize our recipes to fit the needs of our followers and to offer a beautiful presentation. We wanted to share some of the important features of our recipes – you can do so much more than just print a copy!


Our recipes are written with all measurements in “US Customary.” For our followers who use the “Metric” measurement system, this unit conversion feature is a perfect new addition to our blog. Now, with one click you can convert the ingredient measurements back and forth between US Customary and Metric. It will, of course, print showing the measurement as converted.


Translating our Tasty Low Carb Blog is just one click away! Although not part of our Recipe plugin, this handy feature will allow you to toggle from the original English version of our “blog” into any language of your choice. You can then go back to the original. Translation buttons are located on the “sidebar” of our Home Page, the “sidebar” of our Recipe Index Page and the “bottom” of each recipe Post Page.

The translation feature will translate all of the recipe ingredients and instructions into your language, as well. We recognize that translation plugins are not perfect, but this handy tool should help in 90% of the cases. You can enjoy our recipes with ease!

Here is an example of the translation feature in action!



The strike-through feature works wonders when you are shopping and only have a phone with you. As you purchase needed ingredients you can check the box in front and a strike through will show you that it is an ingredient you have purchased or already have in your pantry. When you are cooking at home in your kitchen and have a laptop or iPad showing you the recipe, you can again strike through ingredients that you have used.

You will also notice on our recipes that some of the ingredients are highlighted in dark green. This indicates that a link is attached. You can easily purchase the ingredient. When you click the link your will be directed to our product page. Just find the item and it will link you to the Amazon page where you can make a purchase.

In addition, the number of servings can be changed using a slider bar that will drop down when you hover on the number of servings showing on the recipe. This will then do the multiplication necessary to increase your ingredients to the right proportions for a bigger crowd. Or, if our recipe makes too large of a portion, you can reduce the number of servings for a smaller portion with just one click.


You now have the ability to rate our recipes by hovering over the stars showing in the upper right hand corner of the recipe and clicking on the rating star to record your vote. The fifth star from the left is the best rating. We do hope you like the recipes and hit that star. Once you have voted you will see an upgrade to the totals and the average for that recipe.

We are always working to improve our “blog” and make our recipes Tasty Low Carb. Over 50% of our Facebook followers are from outside of the United States. The translator and unit converter will be especially helpful to our International followers. We really do appreciate your comments and hope that these recipe features will make Tasty Low Carb your choice to help you on your low-carb lifestyle!

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