Low Carb Mexican Mule

Copper mugs are everywhere and most often you will find bar restaurants filling them with a “Moscow Mule.” It is a fashionable drink and likely the hottest cocktail today. It features vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and usually fresh mint.  There are also other “mules.” We see a lot of bourbon flavored “Kentucky Mules.” They simply swap out the vodka for a good Kentucky bourbon. But, we live in the Southwest  – tequila is everywhere! So we decided to prepare a “Low-Carb Mexican Mule.”

Our recipe uses tequila instead of vodka. We also eliminate the mint. Instead, we muddle jalapeño and cilantro in the bottom of our cocktail shaker. Next, we add a smooth top-shelf tequila with fresh lime juice and a zesty diet ginger beer. Then, you have all the makings of a delicious low-carb cocktail. The better tequila you use, the smoother the drink. But, the key is the jalapeño. It gives this mule a real “kick.” What could be better than a highly chilled smooth drink with a kick?

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Mexican Mule Ingredients

We have seen a number of low-carb mule recipes that call for making your own ginger beer. With all of the great products on the market today that seems like a lot of extra effort. Instead, we found a delicious diet ginger beer from Bundaberg, an Australian company. It may seem a bit costly, but one bottle will make four drinks. It is different than a ginger ale with a more intense ginger flavor. However, if you have difficulty finding Bundaberg or a diet version of bottled ginger beer then you can substitute diet ginger ale. Keep in mind that ginger beer is really not a beer.

We usually use a good tequila like “1800 Silver” for our margarita recipes. For this recipe we went for a top of the line “Patron Silver.” We thought an even smoother tequila would be best since the flavor of ginger and jalapeño would be more distinct. Although the diet ginger beer was so zesty and not at all overpowering in terms of ginger taste, the top notch tequila was still worth it!

Fresh cilantro added a unique twist to this drink. We actually think it pairs better with ginger beer than mint. You must also use fresh squeezed lime juice! We usually buy a bag of limes from Costco and juice a whole batch – we then flash freeze them in cubes. We then have fresh lime juice whenever we need it to make any lime based recipe.

Mexican Mule Preparation Tips

A mortar and pestle are perfect for muddling any drink ingredients or spices; however, muddle the cilantro and jalapeño right in your cocktail shaker for this one to capture all of the infused juices and flavor of the cilantro sprigs. We removed the seeds from our jalapeño. If you prefer you can leave them in the shaker since you will strain the finished drink before serving. Without the seeds the heat is minimal. You may also wish to adjust the amount of cilantro based upon your own taste. We find cilantro and ginger go perfectly together.

We fill our cocktail shaker with ice before shaking and we shake all of the ingredients vigorously to mix and chill. Straining into your copper mug is our preferred method to make sure you eliminate all of the lime juice pulp, jalapeño skins and seeds (if used), and the cilantro leaves.

We also fill our copper mugs in advance with ice cubes and store them in the refrigerator while we mix our ingredients. Copper mugs are perfect for mules since they hold the cold and maintain the chill for longer than glass or any other material. If you have not purchased copper mugs we strongly urge you to do so. They are a great addition to your pantry. Low-carb beer and any cold drink will stay super cold in copper. Even the handles stay chilled!

When choosing copper mugs make sure that you go for all copper. That includes the handles. Some copper mugs are lined with stainless steel or nickel on the inside. Some have brass handles. The coldness and sweating that is the real reason for using a copper mug are maintained best with all copper. The thicker the copper the better, as well. We found beautiful, thick gauge, all copper, handmade mugs on Amazon and we highly recommend them. Click here for a beautiful set of copper mugs. Finally, we garnish our Mexican Mule with a slice of jalapeño and cilantro sprigs before serving cold. It has less than 2g of carbs per drink. It is delicious!

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Low Carb Mexican Mule – Tequila and Jalapeño Topped with Cilantro

Our Low Carb Mexican Mule will amaze you and your guests. Whether it is a “Cinco de Mayo” alternative or just a refreshing drink for any gathering of friends and family, it is delicious! A zesty and Tasty Low Carb treat!

Low Carb Mexican Mule

Recipe by Joanie and Chris
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Keto Mexican Mule is a traditional mule with a bit of a Mexican "kick." Muddled Cilantro and Jalapeño with real Ginger Beer! Enjoy! The perfect refreshing drink to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or any Holiday!

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  • Muddle 3 sprigs of cilantro and 1 slice of seedless jalapeño in a cocktail shaker with a little crushed ice.
  • Add tequila, orange extract, lime juice and ice – shake well.
  • Strain into ice filled copper mug and top with more diet ginger beer, if needed. Garnish with 1 cilantro sprig and 1 jalapeño slice. Serve cold.


Chef’s Notes

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories: 140.8kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 2.8g
  • Protein: 0.4g
  • Fat: 0.1g
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Sodium: 7.7mg
  • Potassium: 78.2mg
  • Fiber: 0.3g
  • Sugar: 0.6g
  • Vitamin A: 450IU
  • Vitamin C: 11.7mg
  • Calcium: 11.1mg
  • Iron: 0mg

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